Senate Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee
Listed in alphabetical order by location
CDS financial certification letter

Recipient: City of Arvada
Project Purpose: Improve over 20,000 feet of sanitary sewer interceptor
Project Location: Arvada, CO
Amount Requested: $26,376,000

Recipient: Basalt Sanitation District
Project Purpose: Complete replacement of the sewer pipe crossing the Gold Medal Fryingpan River, as well as downstream and upstream pipe and manhole replacement 
Project Location: Basalt, CO
Amount Requested: $1,575,000

Recipient: Boulder County
Project Purpose: Bring water discharge into compliance, assess stream impairments to identify pollution sources, and support water quality improvements 
Project Location: Boulder, CO
Amount Requested: $768,000

Recipient: City of Brighton
Project Purpose: Physical investigations and construction for service line material assessments  
Project Location: Brighton, CO
Amount Requested: $2,187,000

Recipient: City of Brighton
Project Purpose: Construct new drinking water distribution lines and replace existing infrastructure, including roadway surfaces and water mains
Project Location: Brighton, CO
Amount Requested: $6,788,000

Recipient: City of Cañon City
Project Purpose: Replace several water mains located within public streets
Project Location: Cañon City, CO
Amount Requested: $4,000,000

Recipient: Douglas County
Project Purpose: Support replacing a distribution line
Project Location: Castle Rock, CO
Amount Requested: $1,352,000

Recipient: Town of Cokedale
Project Purpose: Preserve the longevity of equipment, replace chemical treatment, and install a renewable energy power microgrid
Project Location: Cokedale, CO
Amount Requested: $500,000

Recipient: Colorado City Metropolitan District
Project Purpose: Create a pre-treatment system for water to remove Total Organic Compounds in the raw wastewater that makes it through the filtration plant
Project Location: Colorado City, CO
Amount Requested: $12,000,000

Recipient: Colorado Department of Natural Resources
Project Purpose: Build a wildlife rehabilitation center
Project Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Amount Requested: $5,000,000

Recipient: South Adams County Water Sanitation District
Project Purpose: Replace water distribution lines that have reached their life expectancy
Project Location: Commerce City, CO
Amount Requested: $5,000,000

Recipient: City of Cortez
Project Purpose: Install storage tank
Project Location: Cortez, CO
Amount Requested: $4,104,000

Recipient: Mt. Crested Butte Water & Sanitation District
Project Purpose: Up-size the main wastewater interceptor line/trunk line for Crested Butte 
Project Location: Crested Butte, CO
Amount Requested: $3,000,000

Recipient: De Beque Secondary Water Source
Project Purpose: Create a well to provide a secondary water source
Project Location: De Beque, CO
Amount Requested: $243,000

Recipient: Black Parents United Foundation
Project Purpose: Acquire air quality monitoring equipment, enhance the Love My Air app, provide education materials, and offer health assessments for heavily polluted, low-income communities
Project Location: Denver, CO
Amount Requested: $1,449,000

Recipient: Fire Adapted Colorado
Project Purpose: Expand the capacity of local wildfire risk mitigation programs
Project Location: Dolores, CO
Amount Requested: $200,000

Recipient: Estes Valley Watershed Coalition
Project Purpose: Conduct fire mitigation work in high-priority zone in Estes Park
Project Location: Estes Park, CO
Amount Requested: $102,000

Recipient: City of Evans
Project Purpose: Install a new storm sewer to mitigate localized flooding
Project Location: Evans, CO
Amount Requested: $581,000

Recipient: City of Evans
Project Purpose: Replace 8-inch waterline with 12-inch waterline
Project Location: Evans, CO
Amount Requested: $3,280,000

Recipient: City of Evans
Project Purpose: Support the expansion of wastewater treatment plant 
Project Location: Evans
Amount Requested: $4,000,000

Recipient: Colorado State Forest Service
Project Purpose: Sustain the Live Wildfire Ready program that aims to raise awareness about wildfire risk and educate residents
Project Location: Fort Collins, CO
Amount Requested: $300,000

Recipient: Colorado State Forest Service
Project Purpose: Upgrade and expand infrastructure and additional needs as staffing, equipment maintenance, field rehabilitation, and facility security
Project Location: Fort Collins, CO
Amount Requested: $3,989,000

Recipient: City of Fort Collins
Project Purpose: Mitigate the risk of future large-scale wildfires in Jackson County and treat high-risk forest acres 
Project Location: Fort Collins, CO
Amount Requested: $1,054,000

Recipient: City of Fruita
Project Purpose: Pipe replacement for a seven mile segment
Project Location: Fruita, CO
Amount Requested: $2,000,000

Recipient: Lookout Mountain Water District
Project Purpose: Construct a 300,000 gallon water tank to provide a fire protection water supply for Clear Creek High School
Project Location: Golden, CO
Amount Requested: $2,200,000

Recipient: Town of Granby
Project Purpose: Replace the current 40-year-old water plant with an Actiflo ballasted flocculation treatment system, allowing for an increase in capacity, expanded regional fire protection, and ability to treat water
Project Location: Granby, CO
Amount Requested: $5,000,000

Recipient:  Mesa County Lower Valley Public Improvement District
Project Purpose: Funding for construction, including a multi-lagoon process, and maintaining an evaporative, non-discharging treatment facility
Project Location: Grand Junction, CO
Amount Requested: $2,446,000

Recipient: City of Greeley, Department of Water and Sewer
Project Purpose: Upgrade the City of Greeley’s Water System Control and Data Acquisition systems
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Amount Requested: $1,814,000

Recipient: City of Greeley, Department of Water and Sewer
Project Purpose: Upgrade the City of Greeley’s Water System Control and Data Acquisition System
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Amount Requested: $1,160,000

Recipient: City of Greeley
Project Purpose: Construct five forebays and make outlet modifications to improve stormwater quality and protect wetland habitats
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Amount Requested: $2,630,000

Recipient: City of Greeley
Project Purpose: Expand and improve a trailhead with additional parking, new restrooms, interpretation, and more 
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Amount Requested: $1,200,000

Recipient: Dominion Water & Sanitation District
Project Purpose: Funding for a new regionalized wastewater treatment facility 
Project Location: Greenwood Village, CO
Amount Requested: $3,100,000

Recipient: Heeney Water District
Project Purpose: Replace the entire distribution system, install a water storage tank, and upgrade treatment equipment 
Project Location: Heeney, CO
Amount Requested: $1,975,000

Recipient: Town of Johnstown
Project Purpose: Construct a raw water pump station and 11 mile raw water transmission line to the Town’s Water Treatment Plant
Project Location: Johnstown, CO
Amount Requested: $2,500,000

Recipient: Mountain View Village Water & Sanitation District
Project Purpose: Replace outdated water systems
Project Location: Leadville, CO
Amount Requested: $2,028,000

Recipient: Town of Lyons
Project Purpose: Funding for STAG improvement project to upgrade the Eagle Canyon Lift Station, implement backup systems, and replace sewer lines
Project Location: Lyons, CO
Amount Requested: $1,280,000

Recipient: City of Manitou Springs
Project Purpose: Replace water meters and install leak detection technology
Project Location: Manitou Springs, CO
Amount Requested: $500,000

Recipient: Project 7 Water Authority
Project Purpose: Construct approximately 11 miles of new pipeline to secure emergency drinking water access
Project Location: Montrose, CO
Amount Requested: $3,818,000

Recipient: Town of Norwood
Project Purpose: Repair and replace failing water and sewer line infrastructure
Project Location: Norwood, CO
Amount Requested: $2,924,000

Recipient: City of Ouray
Project Purpose: Funding for the reconstruction of concrete collection boxes underground, new piping, new valving, and multiple security increases for Ouray’s water supply
Project Location: Ouray, CO
Amount Requested: $1,360,000

Recipient: Town of Ovid
Project Purpose: Funding for water system equipment replacements and improvements
Project Location: Ovid, CO
Amount Requested: $2,000,000

Recipient: Pagosa Springs Sanitation General Improvement Fund
Project Purpose: Design, engineering, and construction of new sewer pipe, as well as the replacement of manholes
Project Location: Pagosa Springs, CO
Amount Requested: $2,250,000

Recipient: Paint Brush Hills Metro District
Project Purpose: Redirect well water to our filter station for necessary treatment
Project Location: Peyton, CO
Amount Requested: $2,000,000

Recipient: Friends of the Lower Blue River
Project Purpose: Support local landscapes through ecological uplifts
Project Location: Silverthorne, CO
Amount Requested: $500,000

Recipient:  San Juan County
Project Purpose: Create 30 miles of new trail systems
Project Location: Silverton, CO
Amount Requested: $2,278,000

Recipient: Steamboat 2 Metropolitan District
Project Purpose: Replace outdated and deteriorating drinking water infrastructure
Project Location: Steamboat Springs, CO
Amount Requested: $492,000

Recipient: Teller County Government
Project Purpose: Expand plant capacity to 120,000 gallons per day by removing treatment work from the floodplain 
Project Location: Cripple Creek, CO
Amount Requested: $4,000,000

Recipient: Telluride Arts
Project Purpose: Funding for a masonry preservation phase of this restoration project
Project Location: Telluride, CO
Amount Requested: $500,000

Recipient: City of Thornton
Project Purpose: Restore water back to the Aylor Open Space 
Project Location: Thornton, CO
Amount Requested: $4,250,000

Recipient: Ute Mountain Ute Tribe
Project Purpose: Repair and replace failing water and sewer line infrastructure 
Project Location: Towaoc, CO
Amount Requested: $3,000,000

Recipient: Town of Alma
Project Purpose: Replace ineffective wastewater treatment lagoons with a mechanical treatment facility 
Project Location: Town of Alma, CO
Amount Requested: $8,863,000

Recipient: City of Trinidad
Project Purpose: Repair, rehabilitation, or replacement of four water storage tanks
Project Location: Trinidad, CO
Amount Requested: $2,000,000

Recipient: Eagle River Water and Sanitation District
Project Purpose: Design and permitting of the 1,200 acre-foot off channel Bolts Lake Reservoir
Project Location: Vail, CO
Amount Requested: $4,974,000

Recipient: Town of Wiggins
Project Purpose: Funding for a 500,000-gallon elevated water storage tank
Project Location: Wiggins, CO
Amount Requested: $3,036,000