We’re upgrading our infrastructure for the 21st century

After decades of neglect to America’s infrastructure, Senator Hickenlooper was one of 22 Senators – 11 Republicans and 11 Democrats – who came together to write the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, formally known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The bill was signed into law by President Biden in November 2021 and is the largest investment in our nation’s infrastructure since the New Deal. Colorado is set to receive billions for key infrastructure priorities – and create good-paying jobs along the way.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill is upgrading our roads, bridges, rail lines, and airports across the country. It prioritizes the needs of our state by building Western water infrastructure and improving wildlife and drought resiliency. It will modernize our public transit systems and help us fight the climate crisis by building electric vehicle charging stations and clean energy transmission lines. The bill will also clean up pollution and eliminate lead pipes, so every family can rely on clean drinking water.

High-speed internet is key infrastructure in the 21st century. Senator Hickenlooper helped write a provision of the bill to expand access to universal high-speed internet, close the digital divide, and lower internet costs for consumers. This will spur economic development, especially in rural communities.

Affordable housing is a fundamental necessity. Senator Hickenlooper knows that urban and rural communities are facing an affordable housing crisis, and investments have not kept up with the demand for housing assistance and community development projects in urban and rural areas.

We must find ways to house more people more affordably in Colorado and across the country. Senator Hickenlooper supports expanding the Low Income Housing Tax Credit among other affordable housing policies.

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