National Security & Veterans

Our service members and veterans deserve our deepest gratitude

Colorado is home to six U.S. military bases and the U.S. Air Force Academy. Senator Hickenlooper is staunchly committed to honoring the sacrifice of those who serve. He has worked to improve on-base housing, expand health coverage for military families, increase access to justice for survivors of sexual assault, and provide enlisted servicemembers with mental health care.

Senator Hickenlooper is also dedicated to ensuring that the nearly 400,000 veterans who live in Colorado have support while transitioning to the civilian workforce and beyond. These efforts include advancing training programs that help veterans start businesses and obtain high-quality jobs upon completion of their military service. In addition, Senator Hickenlooper believes we have a duty to ensure quality, accessible, community-based health care from the Veterans Health Administration, particularly with regards to mental health and substance use treatment.

Recognizing our state’s leadership in the specialized domain of space and national security, Senator Hickenlooper has been a staunch advocate for keeping U.S. Space Command in Colorado. He has led efforts calling on the Department of Defense to review the rushed decision to relocate the headquarters.

Senator Hickenlooper also understands national security extends beyond military readiness to encompass global challenges such as climate change and pandemic preparedness. To that end, he views international partnerships as essential to keeping America safe.

Senator Hickelooper supports strengthening American diplomacy in order to promote constant dialogue with our allies, partners, and strategic competitors. He has advocated for robust foreign assistance programs that help make the world healthier, greener, and more equitable. He is also committed to advancing domestic priorities that strengthen our global posture, including prioritizing cybersecurity and investing in the American workforce to ensure the U.S. remains competitive with China and Russia.

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