Gun Violence

We must end this nationwide epidemic

Too many communities in Colorado have been devastated by gun violence. We mourn with the victims’ families and share a deep sense of urgency that something must be done to address this nationwide epidemic.

After the 2012 mass shooting in Aurora, then-Governor Hickenlooper helped enact universal background checks and a ban on high-capacity magazines in Colorado. Now, it is Congress’ turn to pass common-sense gun laws that will help keep our communities safe.

Senator Hickenlooper is a co-sponsor of the Background Check Expansion Act, which would mandate universal background checks and close a dangerous loophole that allows unlicensed or private sellers to sell or transfer a firearm without a background check. He also supports banning assault weapons.

We must fund community-based violence intervention and implement red flag laws to ensure guns are kept away from kids and people who might harm others. These common-sense policies will save lives without compromising the Second Amendment.

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