Senate Energy and Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee
Listed in alphabetical order by location
CDS financial certification letter

Recipient: Army Corps of Engineers (Civil)
Project Purpose: Funding to replace the components of the levee system 
Project Location: Alamosa, CO
Amount Requested: $1,500,000

Recipient: City of Arvada
Project Purpose: Funding for a 400 kilowatt solar array
Project Location: Arvada, CO
Amount Requested: $1,300,000

Recipient: City of Aspen
Project Purpose: Funding to explore the use of an additional turbine to optimize energy generation
Project Location: Basalt, CO
Amount Requested: $3,500,000

Recipient: CORE
Project Purpose: Expand services to increase affordability for the Roaring Fork Valley residents to retrofit their homes and businesses to make them clean energy efficient
Project Location: Basalt, CO
Amount Requested: $2,731,000

Recipient: Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority
Project Purpose: Funding to complete a selected alternative for channel restoration, conceptual design, engineering design, permitting and contractor selection, and construction of stream channel restorations
Project Location: Centennial, CO
Amount Requested: $3,000,000

Recipient: GreenLatinos
Project Purpose: Demonstration projects and systems analyses
Project Location: Denver, CO
Amount Requested: $2,000,000

Recipient: Regional Air Quality Council
Project Purpose: Support the replacement or upgrade of traditional fossil fuel-powered equipment with electric alternatives
Project Location: Denver, CO
Amount Requested: $1,500,000

Recipient: Eagle County Government
Project Purpose: Create a geoexchange system
Project Location: Eagle, CO
Amount Requested: $2,080,000

Recipient: Town of Erie
Project Purpose: Convert approximately 1,692 non-LED streelights to LED fixtures and contract consultation services
Project Location: Erie, CO
Amount Requested: $639,000

Recipient: City of Fort Collins
Project Purpose: Replace the existing high-energy-consuming streetlights in the city of Fort Collins with more efficient LED lights and implement a streelight control and automation system citywide
Project Location: Fort Collins, CO
Amount Requested: $1,455,000 

Recipient: Colorado State University
Project Purpose: Funding for the fabrication of energy target chambers
Project Location: Fort Collins, CO
Amount Requested: $2,500,000

Recipient: Colorado School of Mines
Project Purpose: Funding for equipment and instrumentation to enhance research capabilities and develop systems and technologies for geologic hydrogen exploration and production
Project Location: Golden, CO
Amount Requested: $1,475,000

Recipient: Yampa Valley Electric Association
Project Purpose: Conduct a study of transmission capacity for renewable power integration
Project Location: Steamboat Springs, CO
Amount Requested: $90,000

Recipient: City of Greeley
Project Purpose: Add a 203 kilowatt solar canopy system that would provide sustainable electricity to the Greeley Police Headquarters 
Project Location: Greeley, CO
Amount Requested: $657,000 

Recipient: Republican River Water Conservation District
Project Purpose: Funding for an investigation to quantify the depths and characteristiscs of the sediment at the Bonny Dam
Project Location: Idalia, CO
Amount Requested: $395,000

Recipient: City of Lone Tree
Project Purpose: Install a 250 kilowatt solar canopy and carport array
Project Location: Lone Tree, CO
Amount Requested: $1,500,000

Recipient: City of Longmont
Project Purpose: Funding to install floating solar arrays in the Nelson Flanders Water Treatment Plant, the primary potable water treatment facility for Longmont and Lyons
Project Location: Longmont, CO
Amount Requested: $1,854,000

Recipient: City of Northglenn
Project Purpose: Install a 1.5 megawatt PV system for a wastewater treatment plant
Project Location: Northglenn, CO
Amount Requested: $2,000,000

Recipient: CORE Electric Cooperative
Project Purpose: Install solar panels
Project Location: Sedalia, CO
Amount Requested: $8,000,000

Recipient: City of Thornton
Project Purpose: Design and install a 633 kilowatt solar system at the water plant
Project Location: Thornton, CO
Amount Requested: $1,828,000 

Recipient: Wheat Ridge
Project Purpose: Replace and retrofit all internal and external light fixtures to LED light fixtures 
Project Location: Wheat Ridge, CO
Amount Requested: $365,000