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ICYMI: Hickenlooper Visits Southern Colorado, San Luis Valley to Talk Health Care, Rural Economic Development & More

Jul 7, 2022

Hickenlooper traveled to Pueblo, Trinidad, Walsenburg, Monte Vista, and Alamosa

In case you missed it, U.S. Senator John Hickenlooper hit the road in Southern Colorado and the San Luis Valley to discuss increasing access to affordable health care, supporting the agriculture industry, investing in local manufacturing and workforce training, and more. 

Check out the headlines across Colorado:

Pueblo Chieftain: Pueblo health care leaders meet with Sen. John Hickenlooper to discuss improving access

Sen. John Hickenlooper visited Pueblo Tuesday to hear from community health leaders about the state of health care in Pueblo and what can be done to improve access.

Over a dozen leaders in the Pueblo health care world, from hospital executives to community health organizers, gathered with Hickenlooper in a sunny conference room at the newly built Pueblo Community Health Center on the East Side.

Hickenlooper said he thought it was “very troubling” that hospitals are having a hard time accessing basic medicines.

“That’s one more thing on a long list of things that aren’t working,” he said. 

Hickenlooper and Minnesota Sen. Tina Smith co-authored a letter Thursday urging the Food and Drug Administration to address a shortage of drugs used in X-rays and CT scans.  

Hickenlooper said that the U.S. needs to come together and fix what’s wrong with the country, such as passing comprehensive immigration reform, repairing infrastructure and alleviating staff shortages, but mentioned partisan politics get in the way.

Fox 21: Hickenlooper Tours Health Center 

Senator John Hickenlooper today discussing expanding access to rural healthcare. The former Governor toured the new Pueblo Community Health Center. Hickenlooper then met with local health care leaders to discuss expanding access to rural health care, lowering costs for patients, and growing the health care workforce. 

Meanwhile, Hickenlooper is urging Congress to extend tax credits that are providing critical savings for those who buy insurance through the Affordable Care Act marketplaces. Without action, these savings are said to expire at the end of the year. 

Trinidad Chronicle-News: Sen. Hickenlooper visits Trinidad, talks concerns, issues at economic development roundtable event

U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) returned to Trinidad this month to hold an economic development roundtable and to view a youth art project.

Sen. Hickenlooper met with local elected officials, nonprofit leaders and other constituents at the Trinidad ArtSpace Tuesday, June 28, to take a tour of the facility currently under construction and to hear about various economic concerns.

“I couldn’t wait to get back here,” Sen. Hickenlooper said as the roundtable kicked off, adding that it’s great to return and see the work accomplished since his last visit.

After the roundtable Sen. Hickenlooper stopped at the Cedar Street Bridge youth mural project.

The senator took the time to review the different aspects of the mural, hearing from the artists themselves.

Sen. Hickenlooper has been a proponent of public art for years — championing art across the state during his time as governor.

Alamosa Valley Courier: Hickenlooper gets first hand look at ASU’s groundbreaking mechanical engineering program

ALAMOSA – “I love everything I see, and this program is remarkable. Think of the curiosity that will be created here. When I go back to Washington and we talk Congressionally Directed Spending, I can tell my fellow senators here is this university in southern Colorado that may not be viewed as a high-powered university but they’re really doing some remarkable things. And I know that because I’ve seen it.”

Those were part of Senator Hickenlooper’s statements at the conclusion of a tour that, along with several staff members and a group of civic leaders, non-profit leaders, and Adams State University and Trinidad State College faculty and staff, he took of the Porter Building, the future site of Adams State University’s (ASU) groundbreaking mechanical engineering program.

Senator Hickenlooper along with Senator Bennet were responsible for securing $1.1 in Congressionally Directed Spending for the highly innovative plan.

The ASU/CSU mechanical engineering program is the result of a strong collaborative effort between the two universities to bring CSU’s prestigious, high-quality mechanical engineering to the San Luis Valley, something that would not have been feasible before.

The tour at ASU was part of a series of conversations Senator Hickenlooper had while in the San Luis Valley. Earlier in the day, he and his staff had been in a roundtable discussion related to water, involving more than 40 people from multiple organizations.

“I love everything I’ve heard in the valley,” he said before leaving. “There is a true spirit of cooperation in everything people are doing here.”

Huerfano County World Journal: Senator Hickenlooper visits Chaé Organics

WALSENBERG – Tuesday evening, former Mayor of Denver, Governor of Colorado, and current Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper popped into Walsenburg to meet with folks in the area about infrastructure. Linda Chaé and Frank E. Maggio of Chaé Organics hosted the senator at their production facility, along with Walsenburg Mayor Charles Bryant, CEO of San Isabel Electric Ryan Elarton, members of the Huerfano County Water Conservation District, Walsenburg city council members, Huerfano County Commissioner Gerald Cisneros, representatives of La Veta, and several more.

Senator Hickenlooper came through Walsenburg in 2014, and saw Chaé Organics being built. At the time, he nominated the business for the award and recognition of “Colorado Companies to Watch,” which Chaé Organics has since won the title of.  Since Senator Hickenlooper’s previous visit, Chaé Organics has grown to over 1000 clients, and is looking to expand operations to almost double their current situation to make room for expansion into the nutraceutical industry.

Mayor Bryant noted the difficulty Walsenburg has been facing with water infrastructure, and outlined several ways in which the city could use support from the senator’s office. Senator Hickenlooper offered insight and support by ways of suggesting areas for funding, connections to foundations and organizations that specialize in helping communities grow, as well as insight based on his time as Mayor of Denver and Governor of Colorado; additionally, he noted that the level of state funding for infrastructure is more now than it has been in a great while, and quite possibly ever will again, making this this time for communities like Huerfano County to jump.  Hickenlooper also mentioned his attendance at a bipartisan caucus coming up in two weeks that holds a primary focus on water, specifically in mountain states.

Senator Hickenlooper closed with the comments “It is a matter of persistence.  I can open some doors, make some connections, and I will do everything I can to pull this (infrastructure and resources) together.” He closed with the simple message, “you can’t quit,” knowing that the people gathered around him have done anything but.  As the conversation ended, the politicians, business owners, and community leaders left knowing that there are opportunities for the area available along with persistence and sticktoitiveness.


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