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Hickenlooper Statement on Sanders’ Israel Resolution 

Jan 16, 2024

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator John Hickenlooper released the following statement regarding Senator Bernie Sanders’ resolution on U.S. aid to Israel:

“The high rate of civilian casualties and ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza needs to end. We continue to urge Israel to follow international law and take all necessary precautions to limit civilian harm in its war with Hamas.

“This resolution asks essential questions of Israeli actions, but unfortunately gives the State Department very little time before potentially cutting off all U.S. aid. We will investigate all allegations of human rights violations, but those reviews shouldn’t be rushed.

“We continue to push for more humanitarian aid to Gaza, restraint and precision from Israel, ending settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, and ultimately a pathway to long-term peace.”

Hickenlooper has advocated for sustained access to humanitarian aid in Gaza, including water and medical supplies, the delivery of lifesaving fuel to hospitals and water treatment facilities, and funding to meet the United Nations’s $294 million emergency appeal. He also sent President Biden letters expressing concern about the uptick in settler violence as well as the dire economic situation for Palestinians in the West Bank. 


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