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Hickenlooper, Colleagues Celebrate Guatemala’s Peaceful Transition of Power, President Arévalo’s Inauguration

Jan 16, 2024

WASHINGTON – This week, U.S. Senator John Hickenlooper, Tim Kaine, Dick Durbin, Jeff Merkley, Alex Padilla, and Peter Welch celebrated the inauguration of President Bernardo Arévalo following attempts from the outgoing administration to undermine the peaceful transition of power. 

“We congratulate Guatemalan President Bernardo Arévalo on his historic inauguration today. His inauguration highlights the importance of maintaining a peaceful transition of power and respecting the outcome of a free and fair election,” said the senators.“Corruption, poverty, and impunity are major drivers of the migration crisis at our southern border. It’s important that we tackle these challenges in order to address the migration crisis. We will continue to support the rule of law and transparent and accountable governance, and work to strengthen our relationship with democratic leaders in Guatemala.” 

The senators also called for the full release of political prisoners, anti-corruption prosecutor Virginia Laparra and journalist José Rubén Zamora.

In August, President Arévalo won the country’s presidential election. However, the country’s Attorney General attempted to nullify the results of the country’s recent free and fair elections—prompting strong condemnation from the delegation before national and international press. Facing mounting pressure, including from the US congressional delegation, Guatemala’s private sector and the international community, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei was forced to distance himself from this brazen attempt to void the will of the Guatemalan people.


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