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Hickenlooper, Bennet Welcome Aerospace Industry Support for Keeping Space Command in Colorado

Mar 16, 2022

Leaders From 13 Aerospace Companies Sent A Letter to the Senators to Support Colorado As the Permanent Home of U.S. Space Command

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet welcomed support from thirteen leading aerospace companies and accelerators to keep U.S. Space Command in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In a letter to Hickenlooper and Bennet, over a dozen leaders of Colorado aerospace businesses – that range from small to large – expressed that the state’s commanding aerospace industry, which supports U.S. defense and space missions, makes it the strongest permanent home for U.S. Space Command. The senators shared the letter with the Department of the Air Force.

“Colorado’s dynamic aerospace ecosystem is the force multiplier in our ability to deliver innovation to our national defense and space missions,” wrote the aerospace industry leaders. “Colorado is our chosen home because of the proximity to one another and to the defense missions. The aerospace industry draws a talent pool, provides access to robust University research, and allows for daily interactions with mission partners.”

The full text of the letter and list of signatories is available HERE

“With Putin waging war in Ukraine, it’s critical that U.S. Space Command has a strong aerospace workforce. That’s why the headquarters should stay in Colorado Springs permanently. Our 200,000 strong aerospace industry is essential to countering the rising threats we face in space,” said Hickenlooper.

“Colorado’s aerospace industry – and its integration with our national security space missions – is yet another reason why Colorado is the most strategic choice for Space Command’s permanent home,” said Bennet. “As Putin continues to threaten international norms, we should not be wasting time, money, or resources on moving Space Command from Colorado to Alabama. Instead, we should build on the investments we have made to our space mission – right here in Colorado.”

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