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Hickenlooper, Bennet, Klobuchar, Colleagues Introduce Legislation to Protect the Freedom to Vote and Strengthen Our Democracy

Jul 21, 2023

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senators John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet joined U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar and every other Senate Democrat to introduce the Freedom to Vote Act. This legislation improves Americans’ access to the ballot, invests in state election infrastructure, strengthens campaign finance disclosure requirements, and ensures our elections are free from interference. 

“Americans shouldn’t have to wait in hour-long lines or risk losing their jobs to vote. Colorado already proved that more people vote when it’s easy and flexible, now it’s time to take our gold-standard elections national,” said Hickenlooper. 

“The promise of American democracy demands free and fair elections — where every voice is heard and every vote counts. The Freedom to Vote Act would ban partisan gerrymandering, promote secure elections, address our broken campaign finance system, and make it easier for Americans in every state to cast a ballot. We should pass this legislation to ensure generations to come can enjoy a stronger, healthier democracy,” said Bennet.

“The freedom to vote is fundamental to all of our freedoms, and as we continue to see unprecedented attacks on our democracy in states across the country, it is clear we must take action. These attacks demand a federal response,” said Klobuchar. “The Freedom to Vote Act will set basic national standards to make sure all Americans can cast their ballots in the way that works best for them, regardless of what zip code they live in. This bill will ensure Americans can request a mail-in ballot and have access to drop boxes, have at least two weeks of early voting, and can register to vote on Election Day.”

The legislation reflects feedback from state and local election officials to ensure the people responsible for implementing reforms are able to do so effectively. It also elevates the voices of American voters by ending partisan gerrymandering and helps eliminate the influence of dark money in our elections. 

The text of the bill is available HERE.


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