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GIDDY UP-DATE NEWSLETTER: Why I’m wearing orange

Jun 3, 2022

Hi all,

Gun violence has devastated communities across the country, especially over the last few weeks. Nineteen children and two teachers were murdered in Uvalde just days after a white supremacist attacked a grocery store in Buffalo, killing ten. Memorial Day weekend saw more than a dozen mass shootings alone. This is a national epidemic.

Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, where we wear orange to honor the lives taken or forever changed as a result of someone with a gun. We MUST work towards a future where people can go to school, a grocery store, or the movies without fear that they or their loved ones will be shot.

The American people overwhelmingly support background checks and other common-sense gun safety measures – we can’t settle for inaction. As long as I’m in the Senate, we’ll keep fighting to protect future generations from senseless gun violence.

Thanks for listening,

Senator John Hickenlooper

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