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GIDDY UP-DATE NEWSLETTER: Putting Colorado first

Dec 29, 2022

Hey folks,

Last week the Senate passed the annual federal budget bill, and I know we already told you about all the great Colorado community projects that got included!

But that barely scratches the surface. This year’s funding bill truly has ‘Colorado’ written all over it, and we’re so excited that tons of legislation WE came up with has been included. Check them out:

Dearfield Study Act – legislation that would direct the Department of the Interior to study the Dearfield Homestead in Weld County – once the largest Black homestead in Colorado – to determine whether it should be protected as part of the National Park System.

Colorado River Basin Conservation Act – a bipartisan bill to renew the System Conservation Pilot Program, which pays people who use the Colorado River water to voluntarily conserve water. It’s an important step to help save the Colorado River!

Upper Colorado and San Juan River Basins Recovery Act – another bipartisan bill to continue protecting four threatened and endangered native fish species in the Upper Colorado and San Juan River Basins.

Modernizing Biosurveillance and Epidemic Forecasting Act – a – you guessed it – bipartisan bill to modernize surveillance and forecasting of pandemic-causing viruses, so we can stop the next pandemic before it starts.

Simplifying Small Business Retirement Savings Act – one more bipartisan bill to make it easier and lower costs for small businesses that offer retirement plans for their employees.

Incentivizing Small Business Retirement Savings Act – a bill that gives a tax credit to small business owners to offset the costs of setting up a retirement plan.

We’re protecting our rivers, preserving our history, lowering prescription drug costs, and helping small business employees save for retirement. This is what a productive Congress looks like. Cheers!


Senator John Hickenlooper 

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